Engaging Entrpreneurial Women to Combat Child Malnutrition


The Product: Mama+ is a new infant fortified cereal for children aged 6 mo. – 2 years old, and is the only affordable fortified complementary infant food available in the rural areas of Southern Haiti.  [This unique product, recognized for its nutritional benefits, ease of use and cultural fit, is the only infant cereal certified and promoted by the Haitian Ministry of Health]. Mama+ was developed in partnership with the World Food Programme and the University of Notre Dame, and is produced at a local rural processing facility with agricultural inputs sourced from local farmer.

Social Innovation: Mama+ is sold door-to-door in the rural areas by selected and trained women from the community who provide nutritional and health education along with their home visits.  This unique model, which provides a viable business opportunity to women, simultaneously promotes optional infant feeding practices and other key health information in a personalized manner to rural households.

Business Innovation:  The development of mama+ has contributed to building the capacity of a local social enterprise to manage all operations related to the commercialization of the product.

 Next Steps:  Further funding is needed to enhance the business model and commercialization process in order for it become a financially sustainable profitable business venture that can be scaled up. This will enable the nutritional benefits of mama+ to be accessible throughout all of Haiti.