Fighting Child Malnutrition through Social Entrepreneurship


PannelloMama+ is a new infant fortified cereal for children aged 6 mo. – 2 years old, and is the only affordable fortified complementary infant food available in the rural areas of Southern Haiti. This unique product, recognized for its nutritional benefits, ease of use and cultural fit, is the only infant cereal undergoing certification and promoted by the Haitian Ministry of Health. Mama+ was developed in partnership with the World Food

Programme and the University of Notre Dame d’Haiti (UNDH), and is produced at a local rural processing facility with 100% of agricultural inputs sourced from local farmer associations.

Empowering Women:
Mama+ is sold door-to-door in the rural areas of Les Cayes by selected and trained women from the community. They provide nutritional and health education along with their home visits. This unique model, which provides a viable business opportunity to women, simultaneously promotes optimal infant feeding practices and other key health information in a personalized manner to rural households.

Next Steps:
Funding is needed mama + formationto further enhance the commercialization process and to refine the
marketing channel strategy that meets the needs of rural customers while allowing
for long term profitable success of the business enterprise with the goal of scaling up
across the country. This will enable the nutritional benefits of Mama+ to be accessible
throughout all of Haiti.

Supporting Social Enterprises:
The development of Mama+ has contributed to building the capacity of a local social
enterprise to manage all operations related to the production, commercialization
and distribution of an essential product, which has been proven to reduce infant