Locally produced, fortified infant cereal in rural Haiti to improve health outcomes

AVSI in Haiti, supported by AVSI Canada was awarded a grant from Grand Challenges Canada for they project submission related to improving infant health outcomes in Haiti.

In Haiti, many women and children suffer from micronutrient deficiencies, and the growth of 20% of children is stunted. This project aims to build the capacity of a local social enterprise to bring to market a       fortified infant cereal that meets the World Health Organization (WHO) standards. The key to success is       the integrated approach with the development of a business plan and social marketing strategy that will         engage local stakeholders to strengthen the supply chain by improving agricultural practices, production,       marketing and distribution of the cereal. This idea leverages ties with women in the community, involving them in the marketing and distribution, and the provision of education about appropriate infant feeding practices to their peers. This will sustain product demand and promote optimal feeding practices.

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